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Tourism as a Socio-economic phenomenon has evolved into one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. It is world's second largest industry coming only after Oil Industry. It is third in place in term of foreign exchange earning industry after ready made garments, gems and jewellery. There is a broad measure of agreement amongst sociologists economists and futurologists that at the end of the century it could overtake petroleum as the world's leading industry, it has witnessed a phenomeral growth since the 1950's From a luxury product which was available to only a small number of privileged people some years ago, it has become a consumer goods which is now within reach of increasingly large segment of population in the developed as well in the third world countries. It has become a way of life with millions of people in the world and their number are continuously increasing. The main factors which have been responsible for the vast expansion of Tourism are the rising curiousity about people in other lands, greater affluence and more leisure time better transport facilities, an enormous growth in international business, is necessitating travel relief from adverse climtic conditions, package tours, conference and business meetings are proliferating and better education has interested a large section of people to explore the other world. Himachal Pradesh the state selected for the present study has all unique asset of Tourism in variety of cultural and natural attractions like salubrious climate, beautiful scenery including smnv-chapped mountainous, glaciers beautiful lakes, rivers, streames, hot springs appealing mountains with exciting wild life and lovely deserts which constitute the resources for this industry. The present work is a modest endeavour of researcher to examine the various aspects of Tourism Administration. The development programme undertaken by the state government for its inmense proper utilization and exploitation. The social and economic viability of this industry to this state has also been analyzed. This study is very important for the state like Himachal Pradesh where there is very difficult to establish industries rather than Tourism, becomes of its geographical constraints and rough hillyterrians. This study has been divided into nine chapters the first chapter is introductory in nature dealing mainly with overview of tourism objectives of the study, research methodology hypothesis, and review of the literature. The second chapter analyse the organisational structure of tourism corporation and Tourism Department Himachal Pradesh with their role and functions for which they are established. The third chapter deals with various Tourism developmental plans policies and programmes being undertaken by the state Govt with the help of centre in order to promote tourism with review of existing infrastructure in the state. The fourth chapter deals with the development of Tourism attractions and facilities in the state. The fifth chapter describe how the marketing of Tourism is done in Himachal Pradesh. The sixth chapter analyse the impact of tourism in the state environment. The seventh chapter highlights that what role is played by the mass media in the state in order to promote the Tourism. The eight chapter deals with the adventure Tourism in the state. The ninth chapter draw some important conclusions based on this study as well as some useful suggestions to further improve the organisation management and infrastructure of Himachal Pradesh Tourism. - from Amzon 
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